What are your service offerings?

We supply premium interior surface wraps for residential and commercial projects.

What is Interior Film?

Interior Film is a high-quality architectural film designed to enhance the appearance of various surfaces, such as doors, kitchen cabinetry, and wardrobes. It can simulate a range of textures including wood, stone and marble. Think of it as a cross between kitchen laminates and a car wrap.

What film do you use?

We use Bodaq Interior Film by Hyundai L&C, one of Koreas largest, most reputable and trusted film brands. On occasion we do use other film brands when requested specifically by the client, but we have found Bodaq to work best in Singapore's climate.

How do Interior Films compare to Wallpaper?

Unlike wallpapers which adhere using stack based adhesive, interior films have a self adhesive backing making for a mess free installation. Film is more durable, making them suitable for high traffic environments such as shops and hotels.

What surfaces can Interior Films be applied to?

Interior Films can be applied to most surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic, and glass. The only requirement is that they are clean, smooth, and primed if necessary. The most common applications include doors, kitchen cabinetry, and wardrobes.

How do Interior Films compare to Laminate?

Laminates require the use of strong adhesives which release harmful and unpleasant VOCs and doors. Interior film are self adhesive, meaning you can enjoy your space minutes after installation, without worrying about your comfort and health.

So is it a sticker? Doesn't sound very durable.

Yes and No. Calling it a sticker implies it is easy to remove but interior film is designed to stay put until you decide to remove it. Once applied to a properly primed surface, the level of adhesion is incredibly high and won't be going anywhere until you forcibly peel it off.

Are there any special installation requirements for Interior Films?

The key to a successful film installation is the adequate preparation of the surface to be wrapped. The surface must be clean, smooth, free of dust and oils, and primed with film primer if necessary. For best results, installation should be done by a trained professional.

What kind of warranty is provided for Interior Films?

Under normal usage, we provide a 1 year labour and 2 year parts warranty. Exclusions apply in cases of high traffic areas or out of spec installations. Please contact us for details.

How do I maintain Interior Films?

Interior Films are designed to be low-maintenance. An occasional cleaning with a soft cloth and mild detergent is sufficient to maintain their appearance. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools that could damage the film's surface.

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